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About Spencer Bollettieri: As a biologist, journalist, and writer, Spencer Bollettieri has written for publications such as Theme Park Magazine. Although mostly based out of New York, he’s traveled the world in pursuit of new stories.

Chip Hazard (Tommy Lee Jones) and Ray Razor from Small Soldiers. 1
War for the Nekron Is the Reboot Small Soldiers Deserves

Small Soldiers: War for the Nekron surprised audiences with an unexpected reboot of the movie, and it’s exactly what the series needs to revive it.

King Kong's Carl Denham (Jack Black) next to Kong. 1
The Real-World Science of King Kong's Skull Island, Explained

Home to King Kong and some of the most bizarre creatures in modern mythology, Skull Island’s exotic ecosystem has a basis in real-world biology.

Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Hey Good Lookin' from Grease. 1
Grease Was Originally a Much Darker Animated Film

Grease distinguishes itself as a nostalgic musical classic. However, a bizarre twist of fate almost made the movie into a shocking animated feature.

Harry Potter And The Singing Sorceress 1
One of Harry Potter's Unsung Stars Deserves Their Own Spinoff

It's time for a new star to shine and take the stage within the Wizarding World, joining the beloved protagonists of the Harry Potter series.

McDonaldland's Grimace next to Evil Grimace 1
How McDonald's Grimace Became a Fast Food Icon

McDonald's is celebrating the birthday of a character with a bizarre history. So, let's reflect on Grimace and how he became an icon of fast food.

The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) and Peter Pan & Wendy's Captain Hook (Jude Law)  1
Dr. Seuss Faces Disney's Remake Problem - But There Is a Solution

Dr. Seuss’ works face the critiques Disney has had with adapting its classic tales, but from an author who taught so much, there’s a lesson to learn.

E.T. next to his spaceship mid-flight 1
What Planet Did E.T. Come From?

E.T.'s cryptic canon spans multiple franchises, questioning where they came from and who came to rescue them in Steven Spielberg's emotional film.

The Real Ghostbusters' Slimer and Ecto Cooler 1
How Ghostbusters Created the Ultimate Symbol of Nostalgia

As part of a paranormal-themed promotion, Ghostbusters created an icon that perfectly represented the '80s and outgrew the series that invented it.

Chuck E. Cheese next to an image of Freddy Fazbear smiling. 1
Before FNAF, Chuck E. Cheese Had His Own Bizarre Movie

Before Freddy Fazbear and his friends crept onto the big screen for Blumhouse’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, Chuck E. Cheese had his own baffling movie.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) with Young Indiana Jones 1
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Made Dial of Destiny Unnecessary

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny isn’t the first time the series ended, raising the question of what happened to Jones' happily-ever-after.

MIB Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) 1
The Cryptic History of the Men in Black, Explained

The Men in Black movies explore the world of the paranormal but raise the question if there's more to the legends that inspired the series.

A T-Rex roaring in the Visitor Center of Jurassic Park 1
Jurassic Park's Forgotten Spinoff Addressed Its Biggest Criticisms

Jurassic Park III’s forgotten spinoff attempted to explore the world of dinosaurs while addressing some of the series’ biggest criticisms.

Disney King Kong Characters 1
A '90s Movie Tried To Make King Kong Into a Disney Fairy Tale

King Kong has been told many times throughout various media, but in the '90s, there was an attempt to reimagine the story as a Disney-infused musical.

Nicolas Cage in Dog Eat Dog next to Superman Returns’ Daily Planet 1
Nic Cage's Clark Kent Would've Been Bizarre - Here's Why

Known for his iconic roles, Nicolas Cage would’ve redefined Clark Kent in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives with some seemingly baffling creative liberties.

Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler holding a twinkie and the Librarian Ghost from Ghostbusters. 1
The Science Behind Ghostbusters' PKE, Explained

Ghostbusters helped to popularize the fields of paranormal investigation, but one of their most iconic gadgets has real-world inspirations.

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) next to the Disney Castle Intro 1
Disney Missing Out on Harry Potter Saved the Franchise

Harry Potter found unimaginable success under Warner Bros., raising the question of what if Disney were victorious in its Wizarding World pursuits.

Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) next to Lydia (Winona Ryder) sliding down stairs. 1
Beetlejuice 2 Looked Like It Was Dead in the Water - So What Happened?

A Beetlejuice sequel is finally manifesting. However, Beetlejuice 2 comes with a troubled past in development hell that continues to loom over it.

Jurassic Park's Hammond next to an image of Mr. DNA 1
Jurassic Park's New Prequel Is Great - But It Needs to Do More

Mr. DNA delivers a prequel series, but it says more about the shortcomings of the film’s 30th anniversary than the early days of Jurassic Park.

Bill Skarsgård smiling as Pennywise in Stephen King’s It next to FNAF’s Freddy 1
Blumhouse's Five Nights at Freddy's Is Already Using Stephen King's Best Tricks

Five Nights at Freddy’s surprisingly shares common elements with Stephen King’s works, which could mean success for Blumhouse’s upcoming horror movie.

Jurassic World's T-Rex's shadow on a big screen. 1
Jurassic Park's T-Rex Is One of the World's Oldest Movie Stars

The true story of Jurassic Park’s T-Rex is one of movie magic, sensationalist paleontology and a star over 65 million years old.

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