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A combined image of Edward & Bella in Twilight, Voldemort in Harry Potter, and Dom Toretto in Fast & Furious 1
10 Franchises That Needlessly Split The Final Movie Into Multiple Parts

Whether it's two-part endings like Twilight: Breaking Dawn or extra films like The Hobbit trilogy, not every movie series needs a multipart finale.

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/ Captain America from the MCU and Harry Potter with friends in the Great Hall from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 1
MCU Star Anthony Mackie Calls Out Harry Potter's Lack of Diversity

Captain America: Brave New World lead actor Anthony Mackie blasts the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises for their lack of diversity.

Dobby, Cedric Diggory, Remus Lupin from Harry Potter 1
10 Best Harry Potter Side Characters, Ranked

From Dobby to Fred and George to even Bellatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter is chock-full of side characters, and fans all have their favorites.

Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore Movie Cast standing with wands illuminated 1
Dumbledore's First Wand Underwent a Last-Minute Change

Dumbledore had a unique wand before he carried the Elder Wand. But his first wand went through a surprise change behind-the-scenes.

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10 Film Franchises Where Every Film Is Good

Iconic film franchises like John Wick, The Avengers, and Back to the Future were consistent and never had a bad installment.

Harry Potter's Voldemort Killing Curse 1
Why Voldemort Didn't Use the Killing Curse on Snape

Voldemort's liberal use of the Killing Curse is a huge part of his reputation as the greatest dark wizard ever. So why didn't he use it to kill Snape?

Voldemort in front of some of his Death Eaters. 1
How Voldemort's Death Eaters Got Their Name

The Death Eaters were Lord Voldemort's most trusted allies. But like its members, the history of their name carries a grim and fitting history.

Split image of Voldemort on the back of Quirrell's head, a young Tom Riddle standing in uniform, and Voldemort sitting in a chair 1
10 Harsh Realities Of Being Voldemort

Being the Dark Lord is no picnic! From not understanding love to being bested by a child, Voldemort must face many harsh realities.

The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 1
Hogwarts' Sorting Hat Has a Strange Yet Heartwarming Tradition

Hogwarts became home to many stories and traditions over the centuries. But one tradition with the Sorting Hat shows its softer side.

Collage of the Weasleys, Harry, Ron and Hermione, and the Black family tree in Harry Potter 1
Every Magical Family In Harry Potter & Their Members

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is full of magical families with interweaving stories. Here are all of the most prominent ones in the series!

Voldemort in front of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger 1
Harry Potter's Most Important Skill Is Also the Franchise's Most Underrated

The Harry Potter movies may not always show it, but legilimency is simultaneously the franchise’s most important and underrated skill.

Miriam Margoyles as Professor Spout in Harry Potter 1
Harry Potter's Professor Sprout Has a Fitting First Name

Harry Potter's Professor Sprout received a first and last name that reflects her love for her chosen profession: a teacher of herbology.

Harry Potter And The Singing Sorceress 1
One of Harry Potter's Unsung Stars Deserves Their Own Spinoff

It's time for a new star to shine and take the stage within the Wizarding World, joining the beloved protagonists of the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter in front of a scared Peter Pettigrew. 1
Peter Pettigrew Met a Fitting End in Harry Potter

Harry Potter has had many villainous characters that met fitting ends. But none have compared to the fate of the conniving Peter Pettigrew.

Phoenix flying to Hogwarts in Fantastic Beasts. 1
One Magical Beast Played a Crucial Role in the Wizarding World

The Wizarding World's creatures share many unique traits. But one beast carries something that has impacted the magical world for years.

Harry Potter talks to a snake at the zoo in Sorcerer's Stone 1
Why Harry Potter Could Communicate With Snakes

The Harry Potter franchise connected Parseltongue with the heirs of Salazar Slytherin. So why was Gryffindor's Harry a Parselmouth?

Arthur Weasley walks in the woods with his twin sons, Fred and George, ahead of Hermione, Ginny, Harry and Ron in The Goblet of Fire. 1
What Does Arthur Weasley Actually Do in Harry Potter?

From a Ministry of Magic pioneer to an Order of the Phoenix member, Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter is worth a deeper look.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter in between two pictures of Harry Potter’s Fleur Delacour. 1
The Harry Potter Franchise Didn't Do Fleur Delacour Justice

There are plenty of iconic characters throughout the Harry Potter franchise. But a lot of them were done dirty, including Fleur Delacour.

Harry Potter year one in front of Warner Bros Picture Logo and Sorcerrer's Stone book Covers 1
Transformers Producer Says WB Bosses Initially Doubted Harry Potter's Potential

Former Warner Bros. president Lorenzo di Bonaventura reveals that some executives didn't see much potential in the "kid book" Harry Potter property.

Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter with Harry and Cedric 1
This Harry Potter Journalist Was Nastier Than You Might Think

Harry Potter exemplified why Rita Skeeter needed nothing more than a magical pen and persuasive writing to manipulate the Wizarding World.