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A native Californian, Robert Vaux has spent over 20 years as a professional film and television critic: working for such outlets as Collider, Mania.com and The Sci-Fi Movie Page. His favorite superhero is Nightcrawler and his lucky numbers are 4, 9, 14, 16, 36, and 40.

Ethan Peck's Spock in Strange New Worlds  1
Leonard Nimoy Is the Iconic Spock - But Ethan Peck Is a Worthy Successor

As Star Trek moves beyond the original cast, Ethan Peck brings vulnerable humanity to a figure whom Leonard Nimoy portrayed as the ultimate alien.

The cast of Deep Space nine in front of the Secret Invasion poster  1
Star Trek's Version of Secret Invasion Has Lessons for the MCU

Secret Invasion pits Nick Fury against a secret Skrull army. A similar plotline in Deep Space Nine makes a great guide for how to tell such stories.

The crew of show Star Trek: Strange New Worlds standing in a line and above them a Gorn from Strange New Worlds and a Gorn from Star Trek: the Original Series 1
Strange New Worlds Tackles Star Trek's Gorn Problem

The Gorn make great villains, but could also create a catastrophic continuity error. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is moving on them full speed ahead.

Ezra Miller as the flash running in front of Michael Keaton Batman and Supergirl 1
The Flash Take a Page from a Sci-Fi Classic for Its Paradox

Superhero stories usually go big with their plot twists. The Flash does the opposite: skipping easy drama in favor of a twist from a sci-fi classic.

Dressed in Lynda Carter's costume, Diana Prince becomes trapped in a dream in DC's Wonder Woman #799 1
Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman Deserves the Adam West Treatment

Adam West completed his career with a great pair of animated movies based on his Batman. Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman is ripe for the same treatment.

Spock, played by actor Ethan Peck, gives the Vulcan salute on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  1
Strange New Worlds Proves the Vulcans Are Still Far from Perfect

Star Trek: Enterprise revealed the Vulcans still working on their shortcomings. Strange New Worlds' new villain shows that such change takes time.

Evan Peters' Quicksilver with images from the DCEU's Flash in the background  1
The Flash Confirms the Best Speedster Is in a Marvel Movie

Despite a higher public profile, The Flash has conceded big-screen dominance to his lesser-known rival at Marvel. The MCU had to do the same thing.

Star Trek Eugenics Wars and Strange New Worlds 1
Strange New Worlds Dodges Star Trek's Biggest Continuity Error

The modest aims of the original Star Trek resulted in a monster of a continuity error. Strange New Worlds takes the only way out: ignoring it.

The Starfleet Tribunal, Captain Pike and Una Chin-Riley of show Star Trek: Strange New Worlds  1
Strange New Worlds' Trial Episode Is Star Trek at Its Best

Star Trek tends to shine whenever it presents a courtroom drama. Strange New Worlds just delivered one of the best the franchise has ever seen.

Ezra Miller's Flash in front of Across the Spider-Verse's cast 1
Across the Spider-Verse Is a Better Multiverse Movie Than the Flash for a Simple Reason

The Flash hinges on a very specific version of the Multiverse: bringing with it some significant problems that the animated Spider-Verse avoids.

Gorns from comic The Gorn Crisis and a Gorn from show Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 1
Strange New Worlds Can Pull From a Non-Canon Comics Story for the Gorn

As Star Trek: Strange New Worlds continues its delicate dance with the Gorn, a celebrated TNG comic book story provides some strong guidelines.

The outline of a shadowy crew member in front of Strange New Worlds' cast  1
Strange New Worlds Has Yet To Reveal One Key Crew Member

Strange New Worlds explores the characters from the aborted Star Trek pilot "The Cage." One prominent member of their company has yet to appear.

Split Image: Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in the Flash; Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in Justice League 1
One of The Flash's Big Cameos Highlights the Failures of the DCEU

The Flash is built on a dizzying array of superhero cameos. One of the quieter curtain calls speaks volumes about the creative waste of the DCEU.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter with images of Ace Ventura in the background 1
Kraven the Hunter's Ace Ventura Comparisons May Be a Good Sign

The trailer for Kraven the Hunter invites comparisons to Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura. Believe it or not, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Robert Englund a both Willie and Freddy Krueger 1
Robert Englund's First Big Role Was the Perfect Opposite of Freddy Krueger

Before attaining horror immortality in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Englund played the sweetest alien anyone ever met in the original V.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds cast in the foreground of Lower Decks images 1
Strange New Worlds Is the Perfect Place for a Lower Decks Crossover

Not just any Star Trek show could successfully cross over with Lower Decks. Strange New Worlds has the right mix of elements to make it ideal.

Split Image: Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in the Flash; Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in Justice League 1
The Flash Proves Ben Affleck's Batman Was Never the DCEU's Problem

Affleck's heartfelt goodbye to the Caped Crusader in The Flash highlights how good he was in the role and why his version of Batman deserved better.

star trek strange new worlds season 2 cast assembled 1
Strange New Worlds Revisits a Classic Star Trek Movie Heist

Strange New Worlds always honors its Star Trek roots. Season 2 premieres with two old-school characters planning a caper they missed the first time.

MIles Morales in Front of Miguel O'Hara and Steve Rogers 1
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Reopens an Infinity War Debate

Miles Morales faces a thorny moral problem in Across the Spider-Verse. His approach matches that of Steve Rogers' in Avengers: Infinity War.

The MCU's Kang centering images of Hobie Brown/Spider-Punk 1
Across the Spider-Verse's Best Hero Could Be Key In Taking Down the MCU's Kang

The breakout hero of Across the Spider-Verse has a comic-book history with Kang. It makes the perfect opportunity to bring Spider-Punk into the MCU.

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