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A split image of the All New X-Men and the New Mutants 1
10 Great X-Men Comics Ruined By Fan Service

Despite starting out strong, excessive fan service in X-Men comics like All New X-Men and New Mutants dragged ruined their potential.

Apocalypse, Genesis, and their children stand boldly 1
X-Men: Before the Fall - Heralds of Apocalypse #1

The origins of Arakko are revealed in X-Men: Before the Fall - Heralds of Apocalypse #1, setting the stage for the next era in the Krakoan age.

The cover of the X-Men Hellfire Gala for 2023 1
This Year's Hellfire Gala May Be The X-Men's Last

The Hellfire Gala is coming soon and will shake the Mutant nation of Krakoa. But with Krakoa rumored to fall, it could well be the final gala.

The Heralds of Apocalypse gather together 1
Marvel's Al Ewing Teases the X-Men’s Upcoming Genesis War in Fall of X

In an interview with Marvel, X-Men Red writer Al Ewing teased the upcoming Genesis War that will rage during the Fall of X crossover event

Old X-Men Beast and Wolverine vs Beast in current X-Force comics 1
The X-Men's Beast Is Officially Embracing His Namesake

Beast has made himself a deadly and unhinged X-Men villain, but no matter how refined he sees himself, he's slowly embracing his mutant namesake.

A split image of Spider-Man and Wolverine and Professor Xavier and Magneto from Marvel Comics 1
10 Strangest Alliances In Marvel Comics

Heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man have surprisingly teamed up with their villains, forming some of the strangest alliances in Marvel Comics.

A split image of X-Men: Inferno, Age Of Apocalypse, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best X-Men Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From modern X-Men events like X of Swords to classics like Days of Future Past, several X-Men comics would make incredible video game adaptations.

X-Men Evil Jean Grey X-Man Marauder 1 1
How One Jean Grey Became a Multiversal Threat Without the Phoenix Force

A villainous variant of Jean Grey highlighted how dangerous the Omega-Level X-Man could become if she stopped being a hero.

A split image of Professor X's death at Cyclops' hands and of Peter Parker's death in Marvel's Ultimate comics 1
10 Deaths That Changed Marvel Comics Forever

Whether or not they returned to life, the deaths of Marvel heroes like Captain America, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Charles Xavier changed everything.

Split image Bombshell Batgirls, Lady Liberators, and Birds of Prey 1
10 Best All-Female Superhero Teams

Batgirl, Storm, and Spider-Gwen are just a few of the greatest superheroes from DC and Marvel who fight for the best all-female super-teams in comics.

A collage of Orchis and a Stark Sentinel besides a grieving Xavier mourning the X-Men's demise in Marvel Comics 1
The Fall of Krakoa Is Secretly a Legendary X-Men's Fault

The Quiet Council has been working to ensure mutantkind's future, but Krakoa's fall is all but certain thanks to mistakes made by the X-Men's founder.

X-Men, X-Force, Colossus, Beast, Domino collage of combat 1
The X-Men's Biggest Traitors Highlight the Krakoa Era's Real Tragedy

During a mission with X-Force, Domino bluntly and perfectly summarized the true tragedy of the X-Men's Krakoa Era.

Post-humanity taking flight across the sky in Marvel Comics.  1
Does Mankind Have a Real Future In The Marvel Universe?

Faced with the rise of mutants and the arrival of advanced alien intelligences, humankind's future doesn't look very secure in Marvel Comics.

Wolverine and Beast and his clones from Wolverine #33 1
Beast's Latest Blunder Might Actually Help Stop Wolverine's Biggest Foe

Beast, the former X-Force leader, may have unintentionally given Wolverine the perfect weapon to use against another enemy of his.

X-Men: Marvel's New Fall of X Trailer Teases the Fate of Mutantkind

Marvel releases a trailer for its upcoming event Fall of X - giving fans a glimpse into the chaos that the X-Men and their fellow mutants will face.

Goldballs and Bailey Hoskins 1
10 Worst X-Men With The Best First Impressions

Despite enjoying fantastic debuts in Marvel Comics, X-Men like Glob, Cypher, and Puck quickly wound became the team's worst members.

A closeup of one of Beast's clones in X-Force by Marvel Comics 1
X-Men: Beast's Latest Plan Could Make Him a Top-Tier Marvel Villain

Beast's latest plan in X-Force has set the stage for a dark future, ensuring his machinations won't be thwarted by X-Force, Wolverine, or the X-Men.

X-Men What If Phoenix Galactus Fight 2 1
What If...? Confirmed Jean Grey Could Beat Galactus All On Her Own Back In 1981

One dark alternate timeline revealed that a major Marvel hero can fight Galactus to a stand-still alone - and could be even more dangerous.

A split image of Gambit from Uncanny X-Men #350, Wolverine battling Shiva from Wolverine #50, and Moira MacTaggert standing over the fallen Quiet Council from Inferno #1 from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best X-Men Comic Mysteries

Readers will find the best Marvel mysteries in X-Men comics concerning Moira's mutant gene in House of X or anything involving Mister Sinister.

Split image of Nico Minoru/Karolina Dean, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, and Gwenpool in Marvel Comics 1
10 Best Marvel Comics To Read For Pride

Marvel Comics has come a long way in its queer representation. With heroes like Deadpool and America Chavez, there's plenty to read to celebrate Pride