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10 Best Characters In Live-Action Disney Remakes

The Disney live-action remakes have continued to reimagine many iconic characters, and some have been improved upon since their original appearances.

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10 Highly Anticipated Upcoming Disney Remakes

Disney has shown no signs of slowing down the production of live-action remakes, as it has plenty in the works to get fans excited.

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EXCLUSIVE: Elliott Kalan Shines the Disney Villains Spotlight on Hades

In an interview with CBR, Elliott Kalan discusses the appeal of writing the selfish, wildly charismatic Disney villain Hades.

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10 Best Classic Disney Movies, According To Letterboxd

The users of Letterboxd have ranked their favorite films that helped build Disney. Let's see which they decided were the best of the best.

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Dr. Seuss Faces Disney's Remake Problem - But There Is a Solution

Dr. Seuss’ works face the critiques Disney has had with adapting its classic tales, but from an author who taught so much, there’s a lesson to learn.

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Selena Gomez Allegedly Turned Down a Wizards of Waverly Place Spinoff

The Wizards of Waverly Place star Jennifer Stone claims that Selena Gomez vetoed plans for an Alex Russo/Harper Finkle spinoff series.

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10 Darkest Disney Movies

Between Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, and Don't Look Under The Bed, some Disney movies feature a much more bleak and disturbing storyline than others.

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SGF: Disney Illusion Island is the Perfect MetroidVania for Newbies & Experts to Share

Disney Illusion Island is a lighthearted and charming adventure that fuses Medroidvania-syle gameplay with a Mickey Mouse coat of paint.

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Disney Delays Massive Slate of Films For Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar

Disney announces a slew of release date changes for its film slate, including James Cameron's Avatar sequels, the live-action Moana and Star Wars.

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10 Disney Princes Who Are Walking Green Flags

Some Disney princes are perfect marriage material, such as Prince Eric from 2023's The Little Mermaid and Li Shang from Mulan.

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10 Best Disney Live-Action Remakes, Ranked By Their Box Office Opening Weekend

Between The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Cinderella, Disney has enjoyed several opening weekends at the box office with its live-action remakes.

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15 Movies That Killed Their Genres

Films like Die Another Day and Basic Instinct 2 played a part in driving their own genres into obscurity.

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13 Darkest Disney Channel Cartoon Characters

These Disney Channel characters stood out starkly against the cheery, bright settings of cartoons like Kim Possible and Recess.

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What Kind of Animal Is Goofy? (No, Seriously)

For over 90 years, Goofy's animal species has been a wild debate among diehard Disney fans, but do we actually know what kind of animal Goofy is?

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10 Best Disney Tropes Fans Still Love

Fans will always love Disney tropes like fairytales, romances, familial love, and riveting villains.

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10 Highest-Grossing Disney Remakes, Ranked

Disney's live-action "reimaginings" of animated classics like Aladdin and Lion King have made the company more money than most fans realize!

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9 Best New Movies On Disney+ (Updated June 2023)

June is an exciting month for Disney+ subscribers, with the Indiana Jones movies, Ant-Man 3, and Avatar: The Way of Water all streaming now.

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10 Most Terrifying Villains From 90s Animated Movies

'90s animated movies had terrifying villains like Shan Yu and Oogie Boogie that set the standard for evildoers in today's films.

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10 Great Animated Movies That Could Never Be Live-Action

Although 2023's live-action The Little Mermaid has done well, animated classics like Toy Story could never succeed as a live-action movie.

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10 Best Disney Channel TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Disney Channel is known for great shows, but too many of them have been canceled too soon, such as The Owl House and Kim Possible.