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Mobile Security

Protecting your mobile devices against online threats

With the widespread use of mobiles, especially smart phones and iPhones, they have become more interesting to hackers and other privacy thieves to attack and steal personal information. The same applies to the tablets and other mobile devices that we use for personal and business online activities.

Just like the PCs and laptops, mobile phones and smart phones are now used for accessing internet, social networks, banking, and much more. In fact, because of their mobility, mobiles devices are even more used than the likes of PCs and laptops, as they provide mobility and greater ease of use.

This also means that our personal information is now even more vulnerable. Major antivirus and online security companies have recognized this and now provide numerous options for strengthening the security of your mobile devices and protecting your personal and business information and data.

  Security tips for mobile devices
Protect iPhone from Viruses

Protect iPhone from Viruses

As an Apple iPhone or iMac user, you know that Apple products are not prone to virus attacks. However, there are still certain online threats that can affect any mobile device, including iPhones. Find out 5 ways that you can protect your iPhone from potential attacks.

Stay Secure While Traveling

Stay Secure While Traveling

The advancement and the growth of new technologies has made it very easy to stay connected to your family and your business while on the road. Various public internet access points allow us to communicate free. But they also pose a potential danger and you need to protect your devices.

A laptop, tablets and mobile device ona desk
Mobile devices make it easy these days to manage your business
and personal stuff online. But you have to take steps to protect your devices
and enhance your mobile security.
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