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Handle Company Data Breach

How to Handle Company Data Breach

In these days of online commerce one of the things you have to anticipate is your company suffering a data breach. When it happens you have to be prepared to handle it right. Here are six steps in handling company data breaches and minimizing its effects.

Cyber Security for E-commerce

Cybersecurity for Ecommerce

With more and more online stores opening every day, they become attractive targets for cyber criminals who exploit security weaknesses. Any small business owner with an ecommerce website must take security precautions to avoid potential business and customer data breaches.

Third Party Vendor Security

Third Party Vendor Security Risks

Corporate cybersecurity usually refers to what companies do from within to protect their data. But the growing use of third-party vendors by the businesses enlarges the circle of potential risk factors. The security of third-party vendors also plays an important role in corporate cyber security.

Company Sued for Data Breach

Can Company be Sued for Data Breach?

We live in the age when cyber attacks are becoming more common, especially on small businesses and companies. Such attacks can be devastating and costly, taking time to clean up and restore normal day-to-day operations. They can also open your business to a potential law suit.

Cyber Security Affects Reputation

Cyber Security Affects Company's Reputation

Today, no one is safe online, especially companies whose business depends on a good reputation. Often, a single well planned cyber attack can ruin a company's reputation. Even company's outdated internal security procedures can result in a reputation-damaging cybersecurity breach.

Cyber Security Culture Change

Cyber Security Culture Change

Things change fast in cyberspace. Until recently, only large companies had to worry about cyber security. But as these attacks become more monetized, small business becomes more vulnerable to these attacks. Adopt a culture change in your business to prevent these security breaches.

Cyber Security and Small Business

Cyber Security and Small Business

If you are online, your are an attractive target to hackers and other cyber criminals. This is especially so if you have a small business online, making you a valuable target. Small businesses must do more to protect themselves online, as they tend to have limited security budgets.

Computer Security Threats

Computer Security Threats

Some threats to your computer and mobile devices security are easy to combat, while the others can be harder to deal with. It's important to understand these threats and how to fight them. Here are the top four security threats that put your computer at risk.

Software-Defined Storage

Software-Defined Storage

The virtualization of networking, data and data storage has become very popular, with different cloud services made available for business and personal use. There are definite advantages with these. We have identified five benefits of software-defined (virtual) storage for organizations.

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