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All about web hosting!

There are three different types of web hosting

If you’re considering setting up a website for your business, it’s likely the question of web hosting will be on your mind. But what exactly is web hosting, how can you approach it and how much will it cost? For all the important information, read on!

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If you are new to starting your own website, get some basic information about
different types of web hosting that are available to you.

Web hosting in brief

Essentially, a web host works like a partner for your website. Your web host will be the owner of a server which will host your website. This will make it accessible to online users and browsers alike. In a nutshell, the web code which makes up your website will be gathered and placed into a server owned and operated by this host.

All of the data collected is translated into a viewable form that allows for your website to appear in the proper fashion in browsers and search engines alike. There are also other services that may be offered by the web host, including antivirus protections as well as alternative backup services.

It’s important to mention that web hosting comes in several forms and each of these have their own pros and cons. Regardless of the type of web hosting, effective bandwidth management is paramount!

The different types of web hosting

There are essentially three different types of web hosting services, as explained below:

Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is inherent in the name, as it allows for several websites to share one server. This is one of the cheaper options, as the server itself is split between several sites. Choosing shared hosting should cost you between $5 and $10 per month.

Although the price is right when it comes to shared hosting, there are some disadvantages involved with this choice. If another website on the same server happens to be particularly busy, it will dominate the server’s memory and thus, your site could suffer from a slower download speed. Of course, if download speed isn’t too important for your website then this option could work in your favor. Shared hosting is recommended for sites under development, or those which are uncomplicated or experience low levels of traffic.

VPS hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and shared hosting have a lot in common regarding the way that they operate. The biggest difference between these two is that VPS hosting is only shared with 20 websites. Another point to mention is that your websites download speed will not be overly affected. This is because the sites you’ll be sharing the server with will are all given an equal amount of memory. The price of VPS hosting varies quite a bit between $80 and $450 per month, but the possibilities with this option are much brighter and broader. But use these prices only as a vague guide, as they change.

Dedicated hosting

If your website experiences heavy traffic or contains confidential information, then dedicated hosting is the right option. This type of web hosting consists of one server hosting a single website. Larger companies and corporations generally choose this hosting option, as it protects against cyber attacks. This style hosting will ring in around $125 per month. In some scenarios, VPS hosting will be preferred, though remember the price may end up being higher.

Website programming languages illustrated
Your web host provides a wide range of different services,
usually all available
as part of your web hosting service package.

To consider before choosing a web host

Some factors to consider before choosing your host include your budget, the amount of traffic you’re expecting, time of day when traffic is busiest, technical support and data confidentiality needs. Once these factors have been determined, you should be able to move forward with choosing a web host!

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